Frequently asked questions

1.What is the Vibes and Visuals Art experience like?

ANS: We host paint parties in relaxing group settings. The events are in designated public venues or in the privacy of your home. You can paint, socialize and enjoy the company of your friends. You will leave with your custom painting, that is uniquely yours, session are 1 to 3 hours long, depending on the size canvas you choose and the detail of your painting Art is selected by you.

2.How old does my child have to be to participate?

Ans: Children must be 5 years old to participate.

3. Do I need to have experience to paint?

Ans: No experience is required. We work with step by step instructions so that everyone can replicate free hand work. We also have CANVAS with Pre-draw art for those who prefer to paint inside the lines.

4. Is there a minimum number of people required to have a class?

Ans: We require a minimum of Eight guests per session for private parties. Public sessions have no minimum and credits are given to future public events if you show up to a public session and cannot paint for any reason, you will simply be asked to pick a different date.

5. What equipment is provided to each guest?

Ans: We will provide you with an easel, a canvas ( size will be pre-seleceted), paint, paintbrushes, a smock, paper-towels and paint trays, water to clean brushes wine openers will be available for use when needed.

6. What type of food should I serve ?

Ans: Finger foods and light snacks are usually served at paint parties. Your menu is entirely up to you. We just ask that everyone be prepared to paint at your scheduled time.

7.Is alcohol beverages permitted to be consumed?

ANS: While painting we do not oppose alcohol consumption. We only ask the you drink responsible. We do not provide alcohol at any parties. Waiver will need to be signed prior to the start of the party.

8. How would you describe appropriate attire?

ANS: Although we provide smocks to protect your clothing , acrylic paint is non-removable from clothing. We suggest that you do not wear your expensive or favorite clothes. We are not responsible for garments that are damaged by paint spilling.

9. What is your cancellation policy?

ANS: We require 48 hours cancellation notice. If you do not give 48 hours cancellation notice, you will loose your deposit. No refunds are provided only credits.

10.How do I book a party?

ANS: You may book a party by calling us and paying via or cash app.

11. How far do you travel to host parties?

ANS: We serve the DMV area . We will travel anywhere within 40 miles of Washington DC.

12.How do I choose a picture for my party?

ANS: Please visit the “Art” section of the website.

13. When and where is your next public paint party?

ANS: Please visit the “ Upcoming events” section of the website.

14. Can we paint a custom art painting of our Sorority / Fraternity or Business Logo?

ANS: Yes, we are very flexible.  As long as the art is not too complex for your guest.  Please provide us with your ideas and a sample drawing at least a week in advance of the party.